Barber Shop Photos 14 – Gateways in Galle

This week, I was looking back through the photos I took in Sri Lanka, and I noticed that during the last couple of days of the trip – particularly in Galle on the South West coast – I found a lot of gateways. I’m not sure there was any rhyme or reason to this, I think it’s just that there are a lot of funky old places walled up behind the fort!


First we have the entrance to the post office. I loved the juxtaposition between the encroaching trees and the faded paint. The top notch roofing work was pretty solid too!


This gate can be found along the walls of Galle Fort, not far south of the main traffic entrance to the Old Fort district. The area is blocked off although I can’t imagine it’d be hard to bypass. That said, you can see pretty much everything by walking around the fort walls.


I loved this doorway framed by trees. It really brought out the Portugese influence of the Fort.


A hidden garden guarded by a less than effective gate near the Galle Lighthouse.


The original entrance to the fort decorated with moss and mould. One of the coolest spots around the fort thanks to the nearby harbour.


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