Barber Shop Photos 12 – Little Beach, Albany

IMG_1113 (1024x683)

This collection of images were taken near Albany on Western Australia’s South Coast. After staying at the (fabulous) 1849 backpacker hostel, we were told that this spot was unmissable – and it certainly was fantastic!

The water was clear, the and cool, and as you can see, the colours were fantastic. This is one of my favourite spots in Australia.

IMG_1114 (1024x683)

There is so much to photograph here, and I found myself kneeling in the water to capture the clean curling waves (which were less than a foot in size).

We paddled around the point to Waterfall Beach and had the whole spot to ourselves as we explored into dusk!

IMG_1150 (683x1024) IMG_1184 (1024x683) IMG_1225 (1024x683)

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