Barber Shop Photos #3 – Kuang Si Falls

Barber Shop Photos #3I took this shot at Kuang Si Falls close to Luang Prabang. The waterfall is picturesque in summer when the water is blue and calm as it falls in pools.  We visited Laos at the end of the monsoon, so the Mekong was swollen, and Kuang Si was a tumult of white water. I’d fared poorly after a trip to the market food stalls and was feeling poorly, however the water right up the mountainside was cool and refreshing. The walk up the stairway was nerve wracking as the wood was slippery and the water was far stronger than it looked.

The peculiarity of a stairway directly up a waterfall was too good a shot to pass up, and the uncertainty of where it would lead only added to the intrigue.

This image represents one of the many brilliant memories that I tie to Luang Prabang.

The image was captured with a Canon EOS 400D.

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