Barber Shop Photos #2 – St. Catherine’s Monastery


 Barber Shop Photos #2


This shot from my 2009 trip to Egypt comes from St. Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai, which lies in the centre of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The mountain is best known as the location where Moses was said to have collected the ten commandments. Within the grounds of the monastery can be found – according to the local guides – the burning bush that heralded God’s instructions to Moses to liberate the Israelites.

This image also reflects one of the many errors of judgement I have made over the years in storing and keeping photographic memories. This image, as a favorite of mine, should have been kept safely in such a way that it was available for future use. As with so many others, however, I was tempted by the convenience of social media storage and Facebook is the only place that retains a copy of the image (thanks to an unreliable storage drive). This blunder is the reason behind the small size of the image.

The image is represents – to me – a most excellent adventure, and one of the firsttrips I took that satisfied a life goal (in this case a trip to Egypt, the source of my interest in history in junior school).

The contrast of the ancient sandstone against the blue sky appeals to me as does the angle of the shot that goes some way to representing the scale of Mount Sinai and the weight of spiritual importance this site carries for so many.

This image is one of the principal shots that I use to recall my Egyptian adventure – one of the main reasons I pursue photography (as explained in my previous post on mementos and souvenirs)

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This image, along with others from this trip are in part responsible for my habit of collecting images rather than souvenirs as a part of my travels.

The image was captured with a Canon EOS 350D (rebel) which was thoroughly destroyed by desert sand over the course of my travels through Egypt, Jordan and Dubai.

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