South West Escape

Summer is nearly here for us in the Antipodean landmass I call home, and I’m looking forward to a very busy season of relaxing through the end of my long service leave.

One of the joys of living in Western Australia, apart from the relative lack of company outside the capital city of Perth, is that our coastline is gorgeous. Rugged, but gorgeous. The four hours stretch south of Perth down to the village of Augusta where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet is some of the nicest I have seen. Furthermore, the south coast of the state is every bit as amazing. (A quick note; this post was originally written in December 2018, a few weeks before Linh and I got married, and a whole world away from the shit-fight that we find ourselves in in COVID-ridden 2020, so if you detect a hint of optimism, feel rest assured that that shit has well and truly moved on!)

For the purposes of a sneak peak, I’d like to introduce you to a couple of places I love to stop. Both of these are a little out of the way, and there are a few people around who remain protective of the spots, but both are easy to find with a little google know-how, so I’m by no means spoiling any secret spots (because there are plenty of those you can try to find by yourself).

Firstly, Injidup Pool. This protected pool somewhere south of Busselton is as close as it gets to a natural spa without a pump and a waiter. It’s a steep climb down through rolling farmland from the carpark, but when you get there, it’s a lovely albeit communal bath kept bubbling by the regular swell that crashes over the rocks. (Again, while this is not a secret spot – a simple google will reveal that – there are times when you might feel a little tension from locals. The best solution here is the same one that usually applies: DON’T BE A DICK!)

As with many of the locations in Western Australia, it’s potentially dangerous when the weather is up, but on one of our many sunny, warm days, it’s well worth braving the snakes, the sun, and the locals for a look.

A little further down the coast is one of my favourite beaches, Boranup. To get there, you have to find the right four-wheel-drive track; which is often rocky, rutted, and filled with deep holes that keep weekend wanderers away. If you manage to overcome the obstacles though, you’ll find a beach every bit as pristine (and a fair bit less busy) as Esperance’s famous Lucky Bay.

The white sand beach is a great spot for fishing, surfing or a swim, but – as with most of the coast of Western Australia – it’s the perfect home for the ubiquitous man in the grey suit. Every time I paddle out at Boranup, I half expect to have my legs bitten off, but so far, I’m shark-free!

(While you’re down that way, be sure to book in to one of the many homestays, Bed & Breakfasts or other accommodation down that way. COVID stopped things in their tracks for a while, and while Western Australia relatively plague-free at the moment, the relaxing of border restrictions by Chancellor for Life Mark McGowan will likely lead to a bit of a slow spot! I recommend Karridale Cottages and Hop Farm, but obviously, I am a bit biased!)

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