Western Australia: Kununurra, Lake Argyle & Emma Gorge

Over the course of the year, I’ve written a lot about my recent trips, but when I offered some young people the opportunity to contribute their experiences, a number jumped at the opportunity and I felt it only just to offer them guest spots on the site!

Today’s post is thanks to Harrison.


This trip takes us from Perth to explores the North East of Western Australia exploring Kununurra. This trip includes stops at Emma Gorge and Lake Argyle. I also visit Western Australia’s largest and Australia’s second largest freshwater man-made reservoir.


Day 1: Fly Perth to Kununurra (3 hours and 10 minutes)
Drive Kununnurra to Emma Gorge (110km / 1 hour)

We left Perth around noon, flying to Kununurra. After a shortish flight with minimal turbulence we arrived just after 3pm. We checked out our hire car and began our journey to the fist location, Emma Gorge. After an hour-long car trip we arrived at the ‘resort’. The place we stayed consisted of mini tents that you could hire out. It was glamping at its finest.

3-695x296Accommodation: El Questro – Emma Gorge Resort


Day 2: Walk to the Gorge (6km / 1 hour walk)
Drive to the station (18km / 50 minutes)

After waking up to the sound of the beautiful wildlife, sounds you would not hear in the city, we finally got up and had breakfast. After that we headed off to the gorge, it was a 6km walk which took just under an hour, at the top there was a thermal pool where you could swim. It was perfect after a long hot walk.


With the sound of the waterfall in the background and being completely enclosed by the gorge around you there was nothing better! The walk back was easier heading down hill. Later that day we jumped in the car and went 4WD to the main station. It took a long time to drive as we had to go really slow on the gravel roads and cross some creeks. We had lunch at the station and then went exploring again. A short drive away there are multiple tourist attractions that are only accessible for 4WD.


These include crossing rives to get to areas (at this time of the year there was no water).


There are multiple lookouts over dams and scenery into the valley. After spending some time exploring we headed back to the ‘camp’ to have dinner.
Accommodation: El Questro – Emma Gorge Resort


Day 3: Drive to Lake Argyle (149km / 2 hours)

Today we packed up and headed off. It was a great experience, but we couldn’t really do that much. We left around 10 to drive to Lake Argyle, but stopped via Kununurra to pick up some petrol as we were slowly running out. Being 100km from town we need to pick up on fuel and water. We stopped for lunch from a bakery and went to sit down at the park to eat. The park we visited was the celebrity tree park, which is a park where famous celebrities who visit Kununurra plant trees to be remembered.


There are around 30 trees ranging from 90 years to 2 months. After a stretch of the legs we were ready to continue our trip to Lake Argyle. Another hour’s drive and we were there, first looks at the view were impressive and we stopped to look at the dam wall.






9-1280x848The views on Lake Argyle were absolutely amazing. We checked into our cabin which had great views on the lake. Later that night we found out that there are helicopter tours around the lake but because some of us don’t like flying we decided not to do it.
Accommodation: Lake Argyle Resort


Day 4: Bush walk to Durack Homestead (2km / 1½ hours)

Today we set off on a bush walk to the historical Durack Homestead.


It was a two hour, remote, bush bashing adventure. I would have been much shorter except for the fact that we had to walk all the way around a cliff. Lucky just as we arrived it started to rain so we could seek shelter. We learnt quite a bit about the history of the Duracks and that this home is actually a replica of the homestead that was flooded underneath the lake. After walking back and making a quick detour to admire the view from the top of the cliff where there was a pile where you had to add one stone to, we headed back.


Later that afternoon we headed to the Western Australia and Northern Territory border which was something I was anticipating. We drove a few kilometers past to a zebra rock mining facility and then turned back and crossed the border back to WA. It’s hard to believe that as soon as we crossed that border the time was suddenly 1½ hours later.


We had to go through a road block and make sure we weren’t carrying anything that could harm WA which we weren’t.
Accommodation: Lake Argyle Resort


Day 5: Lunchtime Boat Cruise – Argyle (3 hours)

Today we went and book a boat cruise for lunchtime around Lake Argyle. The boat cruise took around 3 hours return with lunch included. The tour  took us around the dam wall and we spotted crocodiles swimming next to us and sunbathing on the shore.


We stopped for lunch and had some fish that someone caught only this morning before we hopped on. After asking us if we wanted to swim in the freezing waters we set off on the trip back.


That night we walked up to the point that overlooked the lake and wall and had a massive compass which pointed to major worldwide cities and showed their location in kilometers relative to Lake Argyle.


Accommodation: Lake Argyle Resort


Day 6: Drive to Kununurra (149km / 2 hours)
Fly Kununurra to Perth (3 hours and 35 minutes)

Today we headed back to Kunnurra ready to board our afternoon flight back to Perth. It’s hard to believe that it’s been six days yet it’s gone so fast. We packed up in the morning and headed back into town just in time for lunch. Before stopping for lunch we headed into a tourist information shop to go see if there was anything we could do for five hours. We sat down at the celebrity tree park for a bit and then headed off to this old pump station to have lunch at the restaurant which was really cool.


After that we drove around for a bit and went for a walk to a small hill that overlooked the whole town.


Finally we headed to the airport and checked in ready for our flight. There are only three flights up a week to Kununurra and back with Virgin Australia Regional being the only airline that flies directly. The planes do day trips, travel up in the morning and return that night.

17-1280x848The flight back was smooth and the views from the windows as we flew over Lake Argyle and as we got back to Perth and flew over the city.


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