Einstein’s Barber Shop Itinerary – WA: The South West

Welcome to the second Einstein’s Barber Shop Itinerary! This week, we’re looking at the first significant trip I took in Western Australia (and the trip during which I met my partner Linh)!

If you’d like to download the PDF which will allow you to interact with the hyperlinks, please do so here: Itinerary-2-Esperance and Albany.

You can also read about the trip in more detail here. (This will take you to part 1 of the story where I double book a trip that will eventually lead to me finding Linh – my better half!)


Itinerary-2-Esperance and Albany-1


Itinerary-2-Esperance and Albany-2 Itinerary-2-Esperance and Albany-3 Itinerary-2-Esperance and Albany-4



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