Barber Shop Photos 25 – Polonnaruwa

Sri Lanka (3)Polonnaruwa is a sprawling city ruin in central Sri Lanka. We visiting in late September 2016 and spent a couple of hours wandering around the crumbling temples. At one stage, I walked away from a car park with a small market (selling tourists trinkets at far above the going rate), deeper into a complex arrangement of temple foundations.


The city is a former capital of the Sinhalese kingdom, founded after the destruction of Anuradhapura in 993 CE, however now monkeys and tourists vie for control of the remains of the once-great centre.

Behind me were some of the more well known statues and dagobas and I could see the tops of two of them through the trees growing around the site. As I walked through a crumbled wall, I noticed this statue hidden behind the remnants of its temple.


I was out of sight of any other people (Linh had waited near the road to shelter from the heat under a tree), which was only possible because September is low season (and perhaps the size of the city grounds).

The iconic reclining Buddha that most tourists visit was under repair, but still drawing most of the crowds, and wandering along among the legacy of almost 2500 years was most certainly memorable.


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