Barber Shop Photos 24 – A winter’s Night in Berlin

Berlin Germany

This shot comes from an evening in Berlin. The weather was cool (around 2 degrees) and we had arrived in Berlin the day before after a week of snow. The snow had turned to ice and the mix of black snow and gravel had been shovelled into ever diminishing piles on the slippery path. After waiting in a coffee shop (Espresso Ambulance) for a few hours we met up with some friends of one of the people we were visiting in Germany and began to wander towards dinner (at Hummus & Friends). The cold and the fog together with the garbage bin and the icy piles of grout, really represented Berlin’s personality to me. Despite how it might sound, I enjoyed my three days in Berlin, The dirt and the cold combined to create an edgy atmosphere and certainly a unique city experience.


Einstein’s Barber


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